Software Development

Understanding the technology landscape for developing products can be difficult.

We focus on taking a collaborative approach with clients for designing, architecting, developing and maintaining technology solutions to achieve desired goals.

Our specialties include building web applications and sites, mobile experiences and cloud-based solutions

Technologies & Languages Utilized


Effective communication and proper messaging to users is essential when developing a software product, record album, podcast, or personal image. On our projects, we first look at the why and the how of the story first before build out the what.

Creating a brand identity through understanding the target market is key for any successful product launch or campaign. We look to understand the objectives and markets before executing strategies to engage the user base.


Some messages are better conveyed through audio or video. Whether you are looking to build the greatest best podcast or become the newest YouTube sensation we have ways to help build a strategy to do that.

Services & Skills

  • Software Consulting
    • Software Application Design
    • Software Application Architecture
    • Full Stack Development
    • QA/Automated Testing
  • Business Consulting
    • Brand Identity
    • Market Analysis
    • Product Launch
    • Campaign Development
    • Channel Strategy
  • Audio/Video Production
    • Audio Production - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Distribution
    • Video Production - Filming, Editing, Distribution
    • Strategy - Podcasting, Audio Release, Video Release